Music Scholarship

Auditions for Scholarships Thursday, January 26th, 2023, 10am-2pm
Auditions will be held in-person in Room 26-221 of the Music Building.
Reserve your Audition Time by email with Anthony Cutietta: anthony.cutietta@gcccd.edu 
Scholarship Audition Form PDF
Scholarship Audition Form Word Doc


All Music Majors at Grossmont College are encouraged to audition for a Music Department Scholarship. Scholarships assist the student in paying for music lessons on their music instrument. To be eligible to audition, one must:


1) declare their music major (please declare with both the music dept. office as well as the Office of Admissions & Records)


2) register in each of the following core music courses:

  • Music Theory (MUS001, MUS105, MUS106, MUS205, MUS206) - 4 units
  • Piano Class (MUS132, MUS133, MUS232, MUS233) - 3 units
  • Performance Studies (MUS190, MUS191, MUS290, MUS291) - 1 unit
  • Music Ensemble - 1 unit 
  1. Grossmont Master Chorale (MUS138, MUS139, MUS238, MUS239)
  2. Classical Guitar Ensemble (MUS148, MUS149, MUS248, MUS249)
  3. Grossmont Symphony Orchestra (MUS150, MUS151, MUS250, MUS251)
  4. Concert Band (MUS152, MUS153, MUS252, MUS253)
  5. Afro-Cuban Ensemble (MUS154, MUS155, MUS254, MUS255)
  6. Jazz Ensemble (MUS156, MUS157, MUS256, MUS257)
  7. Vocal Jazz Ensemble (MUS166, MUS167, MUS266, MUS267)