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Degree Programs

Music Major 

If you are a music major, whose goal is to transfer to a four-year school, you will complete the following courses:

MUS 105 Music Theory and Practice I
MUS 106 Music Theory and Practice II
MUS 205 Music Theory and Practice III
MUS 206 Music Theory and Practice IV
MUS 132 Class Piano I
MUS 133 Class Piano II
MUS 232 Class Piano III
MUS 233 Class Piano IV
MUS 190 Performance Studies  or    MUS 101 Jazz Improvisation I
MUS 191 Performance Studies  or    MUS 102 Jazz Improvisation II
MUS 290 Performance Studies  or    MUS 201 Jazz Improvisation III
MUS 291 Performance Studies  or    MUS 202 Jazz Improvisation IV
For guidance, contact Department Chair, Derek Cannon,

plus four units from the following electives:

Class Voice (MUS 170, 171, 270, 271) 
Basic Synthesizer Programming I (MUS 183)

Afro-Cuban Ensemble 
(MUS 154, 155, 254, 255)
Concert Band (MUS 152, 153, 252, 253)
Master Choral (MUS 138, 139, 238, 239)
Gospel Choir (MUS 174, 175, 274, 275)
Guitar Ensemble (MUS 148, 149, 248, 249)
Jazz Ensemble (MUS 156, 157, 256, 257)
Symphony Orchestra (MUS 150, 151, 250, 251)

These courses will also qualify you to receive an associate degree in music. Some of you may choose not to transfer.

You are invited to audition for a scholarship which will pay for your private lessons.

Phone (619) 644-7254


Transfer Music Degree

Grossmont College Music Department announces a New Transfer Degree!

Degree Type - AA-Transfer
The associate degree for transfer will award students and prepare them for special benefits/guarantees upon transfer to CSU schools.

Music Curriculum
Music Theory - 16 Units (4 units each)
Music 105 - Music in Theory and Practice I
Music 106 - Music in Theory and Practice II
Music 205 - Music in Theory and Practice III
Music 206 - Music in Theory and Practice IV

Large Ensemble – 4 Units (Four Semesters 1 Unit each)
Grossmont Symphony Orchestra
Grossmont Master Chorale
Afro-Cuban Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble
Gospel Choir
Concert Band

Performance Studies - Applied Music 2 Units (Four Semesters - .5 Units)
Music 190
Music 191
Music 290
Music 291

*General Education requirements must also be completed

Students applying for Fall 2015 admission to a CSU can also select the expected completion of this degree on their applications.

Contact Derek Cannon, Music Department Chair Derek Cannon:, if you have any questions or require any additional information.

Summer Courses

During the summer you may join and participate in public performances of the following groups:

MUS 001 Fundamentals of Music 
MUS 110
 Great Music Listening 
MUS 115 History of Rock Music
MUS 132 Class Piano I
MUS 160 Intro to Afro-Cuban Percussion 
MUS 170 Class Voice

Music & Computers

Should your interest be in working with computers, even if you don't play a musical instrument, we have this class to offer you:

MUS 187 MIDI Sequencing and Recording

Performing Ensembles

The Music Department at Grossmont College invites you to explore and discover what the world of music has to offer. You are welcome to experience music which can enhance your life.

You can find a performing group to join if you play an instrument or sing, and there are eight groups to choose from (some by audition):

MUS 138  Grossmont Master Chorale
MUS 148  Guitar Ensemble
MUS 150  Grossmont Symphony Orchestra
MUS 152  Concert Band
MUS 154  Afro-Cuban Ensemble
MUS 156  Jazz Ensemble
MUS 174  Gospel Choir

Other Music Courses

A special invitation is extended to those of you who have had no previous exposure to music. You are invited to choose from the following list:

MUS 001 Rudiments of Music and Musicianship
MUS 118 Introduction to Music
MUS 124 Classical Guitar I
MUS 125 Classical Guitar II
MUS 224 Classical Guitar III
MUS 127 Class Guitar I
MUS 128 Class Guitar II
MUS 226 Class Guitar III
MUS 128 Music Theory for Guitar I
MUS 129 Music Theory for Guitar II
MUS 170 Class Voice
MUS 171 Class Voice
MUS 270 Class Voice
MUS 271 Class Voice
MUS 203 Jazz Piano III
MUS 299 Acting Studies in Musical Theatre 

General Education

If you are looking for general education classes, you may wish to consider this list:

MUS 110  Great Music Listening
MUS 111  History of Jazz and Popular Music
MUS 115  History of Rock Music

MUS 116  History of World Music (Music of the Middle East)

MUS 123  History of Hip Hop Culture

Jazz Studies

Welcome to the Jazz Studies Page. Our Jazz Program is geared towards the student who desires an in-depth study of the jazz idiom. The curriculum is designed to prepare them not to just transfer to a four-year institution, but to enter the professional music community.




Music 101 - Jazz Improvisation I
Music 102 - Jazz Improvisation II
Music 103 - Jazz Improvisation III
Music 104 - Jazz Improvisation IV
Music 203 - Jazz Piano III
Music 204 - Jazz Piano IV
Music 210 - Elements of Jazz I
Music 211 - Elements of Jazz II


A certificate program in Jazz Studies is forthcoming.


Students interested in the Jazz Studies Program should contact Derek Cannon at

Who takes music courses at Grossmont College?

People with a variety of interests:

  1. Biology major with two lab classes, who played trumpet in High School, now plays trumpet in the Jazz Band (MUS 156).

  2. English Literature major, who currently plays flute and has cross-cultural interest, enrolls in Music History (MUS 203).

  3. Music major, whose performance emphasis is piano, interested in the application of computer technology to the field of Jazz, takes MIDI Sequencing and Recording (MUS 187).

  4. Theatre Arts major interested in Musical Theatre, looking to build a singing voice, joins Voice Class (MUS 170).

  5. Electrical Engineer who works during the day, and had played cello in High School and College, enrolls for the Grossmont Symphony Orchestra (MUS150).

  6. Entering Freshman, who works evenings and takes daytime general education courses, registers for History of Rock & Roll Music (MUS 115).

  7. Rock Band musician, who wants to compose original music, enrolls for Rudiments of Music (MUS 001).

  8. Private music teacher selects one or more music classes to broaden his/her knowledge.

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