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Music of the II Viennese School

Webern - from Drei Lieder nach Gedichte von Hildegard Jone, op. 25 (1934)


Music of the Post-Romanticists

Wolf - "Der Mond hat eine schwere Klag erhoben" from Italienisches Liederbuch


Music of the Impressionists

Debussy - "Sarabande" from Images Oubliees




Procedure: Each midi file will begin the same: with the chorale's opening voicing played for 4 beats, then each voice of the opening chord broken and performed "Bass" to "Tenor" to "Alto" to "Soprano."

A "click-track" will then follow. If the chorale does not contain an "anacrusis," then you'll hear only the number of clicks that match one full measure of the meter. (e.g., 4/4 meter = 4 clicks). However, some chorales begin with an anacrusis. Then the click-track will click off one full measure of beats, plus an additional partial measure of clicks leading up to the entrance of the anacrusis.


All chorale voices will be played (in simple meter) at:  Quarter note = 40 MM.


Chorale #15 BMW277 Christ lag in Todesbanden


Score of the chorale.


Midi files

Chorale 15
All voices
Chorale 15
Soprano only
Chorale 15
Tenor only
Chorale 15
Bass only
Chorale 15
Tenor only
Chorale 15
Soprano-Alto only
Chorale 15
Alto-Tenor only
Chorale 15
Soprano-Bass only



Chorale #1 BWV269 Aus meines Herzens Grunde

Score of the chorale


Midi files


All Voices Soprano only Soprano &
Alto & Bass
Alto & Tenor Soprano &
Alto & Tenor
Tenor only Soprano & Bass Bass only Alto only Soprano & Alto




Chorale #155 Hilf, Herr Jesu, lass gelingen

For a Score of the chorale click the hyperlinks below!


For midi files click below!

ALL VOICES Soprano Soprano & Alto
Soprano, Alto & Tenor Alto Tenor & Bass
Alto, Tenor & Bass Tenor Soprano & Bass
Soprano, Alto & Bass Bass Soprano, Tenor & Bass

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