Useful Department Maps

Below are some useful maps to help you locate and navigate to English Department offices and services, including Department Chairs and administration, instructor offices, and the Writing Center (in the campus's centrally located Tech Mall).


PLEASE NOTE:  Buildings 51 and 52 are currently undergoing renovations and will be closed until 2024. (Building 50 will be removed altogether.) Students wishing to take advantage of instructor office hours should message their instructors directly via Canvas.


While the campus is in session...

  • Most English classes are held in classrooms located in the northeast quadrant of the campus (Buildings 51 through 55).
  • The offices of the English Department, including Chairs, Administrative Assistants, and full-time faculty, are principally located in Building 52 (Rooms 558-571).
  • The office of the Dean of English/Social and Behavioral Sciences, Agustin Albarran, Room 7161, is located in Building 10, on the opposite side of the campus. Visit "Maps and Directions" for more map information about the campus offices and services.
  • The offices of Department Co-Chairs Dr. Cindi Harris and Dr. Tate Hurvitz are located in 52-566 A and B on the northwest side of Building 52. (Look on the map for the chair icons.)
  • The office of the English Department's Administrative Assistant, Debora Curry, is located in 569 A in the south breezeway, just left of the entrance doors to the Building 52 offices.
  • Part-time instructors may optionally hold office hours in Building 50 (Rooms 590 A-T), located down the staircase, and accessible by foot on the north side of the breezeway, between Buildings 51 and 52. Ramp access to Building 50-590 is at the north end of Parking Lot 5.
  • The English Writing Center and English/ESL Tutoring Services are situated inside the Building 70, the Learning Resource Center and Tech Mall, and are located in Rooms 119 and 122, respectively.

English Department Offices

Map of English Department Offices






English Writing CenterMap of Writing Center in Tech Mall