Virtual Office Assistant


Degree & Certificates - Virtual Office Assistant




This Certificate of Proficiency prepares students to create and run a virtual office BUS. More specifically, the certificate prepares a student to act as an entrepreneur specializing in administrative services provided to clients in a virtual environment.


All classes must be completed with a "C" grade or higher.


Subject & Number Title Units

BOT 100

Basic Keyboarding 1.0

BOT 103A

Building Keyboarding Skill I 0.5

BOT 103B

Building Keyboarding Skill II 0.5

BOT 111

Virtual Assistant 2.0

BOT 115

Essential Excel 1.0

BOT 120

Comprehensive Word, Level I 1.0

BOT 121

Comprehensive Word, Level II 1.0

BOT 150

Using Microsoft Publisher  1.0

BUS 141

Entrepreneurship: Managing A New BUS 3.0

BUS 146

Marketing 3.0




14 - 15