The Office Professional Training Program changes lives.  For many graduates, it is the transition to a life of self-sufficiency.

For more information or to hire an OPT graduate, please email or call 619-644-7247.


Program Description:

  • One-semester training program for office professional positions
  • Specializations in Accounting, Insurance, Medical Office, and Office Support
  • Students complete 12-20 degree-applicable community college units of courses
  • Support services include personal/crisis counseling and job placement assistance

Program Accomplishments:

  • Continuous grant funding from 1985 to present
  • More than 2,700 successful graduates
  • Placement rates: 85% of program graduates
  • Most outstanding grant-funded program in the state (1996)
  • Student Success Award (1999)
  • Twenty-seven national InVEST Scholarship Winners (2001-2011)
  • Technology Hero Golden Mouse Award (2005)

About the Program:

The program begins with an initial assessment and a 2-week Pretraining Module.  The training program itself lasts 17 weeks. Students are enrolled in 12-20 units of college credit, depending on their areas of specialization. All students take the following courses:

  • Keyboarding
  • Office Procedures
  • Effective Job Search
  • Business English and Communication
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook

Funding Sources: 

The most recent government (Workforce Investment Act) grant ended in March 2004.  OPT is currently funded by donations from individuals, business and professional organizations, and foundations.

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Support Services: 

Students receive support from a dedicated team of faculty and support staff, including a personal/crisis counselor and a job placement specialist. School and community organizations provide assistance with basic needs, such as food, clothing, housing, and child care. Mentors, internships, and job placement assistance are significant aspects of the program.


Seventy-five to eighty-five percent of the graduating students obtain full-time employment. OPT was named the most outstanding special grant-funded program by the California Community College Association of Occupational Educators in 1996.  The OPT program received a Student Success Award from the Board of Governors and the California Community College Chancellor’s Office in 1999 and the Technology Hero Golden Mouse Award from the Technology Foundation of America in 2005.  

Alumni:  Enter the alumni page to find out more information about our graduates. (You will need to create a password once you click the link)