Office Assistant, Level 1


Degree & Certificates - Office Assistant, Level 1


This Certificate of Proficiency prepares a beginning student to work in a job that requires keyboarding skills, a basic knowledge of filing, and basic computer skills. It is designed for a student who has not had any computer training and lacks general office background and experience. Students who complete this program would qualify for positions as data entry clerks or entry level office clerical positions.



All classes must be completed with a "C" grade or higher.


Subject & Number Title Units

BOT 100

Basic Keyboarding  1

BOT 101A

Keyboarding/Document Processing (1.5)



BOT 101B

Keyboarding/Document Processing (1.5)

BOT 103A

Building Keyboarding Skills .5


AND .5

BOT 103B

Building Keyboarding Skills II .5


OR .5

BOT 103B

Building Keyboarding Skills II .5



BOT 103C

Building Keyboarding Skills III .5

BOT 104

Filing and Records Management 1

BOT 106

Effective Job Search 1

BOT 132

Google Applications for Business 3