Medical Office Assistant Information


The Medical Office Assistant Certificate of Proficiency provides students with the skills necessary to gain employment in a variety of medical office environments. Students may choose to begin a new career or update existing job skills. Students successfully completing the certificate will be qualified to seek employment as: Medical office receptionists, assistants, medical clerical workers, hospital admitting clerks, medical insurance billers, medical insurance coders, and insurance claims processors. All classes must be completed with a “C” grade or higher.


How to apply:


Students wishing to earn a certificate of proficiency should complete all courses listed for this certificate. Submission of the Certificate of Proficiency Request form along with an Academic History showing proof of grades is required in order to receive the certificate. A link to the online form can be found on the department home page or the printed form can be picked up in 70-131 (BOT FlexLab). Department-issued certificates will not appear on a student’s transcript.


Units Required


Four classes are required for the Medical Office Assistant Certificate of Proficiency.


  1. Medical Terminology: Business Office Technology 161 – 3 units
  2. Medical Office Procedures: Business Office Technology 170 – 6 units.
  3. Medical Insurance Billing: Business Office Technology 165 – 4.5 units
  4. Medical coding I: Business Office Technology 167 – 4 units.

Total units required for this program is 17.5.