POST - PC 832 Laws of Arrest

*California Commission on Peace Officer's Standards and Training.


Course offerings are TBD and subject to change, so check website often for updates.

PC 832 Laws of Arrest - 40-hour course (one week format) 
AOJ 102


NEXT CLASS:  TBD: None scheduled at this time (check back for updates)
8:00am-5:00pm, Monday - Friday
Section # 
Approximate cost:  $91, plus $2.00 per day for parking.
Registration: Please apply online now to become a student if you are not already a student at Grossmont or Cuyamaca College. 


Firearms - (TBD) 


Go to, click on the "student services" link and then click the yellow "apply & enroll button" for the college application.  There are two parts to this application, so be sure to submit both portions or your application will not be submitted to the college.


AOJ 101D FIREARMS FOR PC 832 (24-hours) - (TBD)


You must be at least 18 years of age to attend this course per California Penal Code Sections 29615 and 29655.  If you are under 18 years of age, you must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian.  Please contact the AOJ Department at 619-644-7323 to obtain a waiver.


3 Saturdays Only (must attend all 3 days for credit)



All college fees must be paid for before the first day of class.  All equipment is required on the first day of class, as you will be at the range.

Cost: $23 + $21 health fee, $2 daily parking fee and $1.00 student fee*. Parking permit needed for firearms half day on campus ($47 total).  The following equipment will need to be purchased by you:

  1. 450 rounds of .40 caliber ball ammunition (100 rounds needed the first day)
    (Factory ammo only, No reloads, No lead!)
  2. Shooting glasses
  3. Hearing protection
  4. 12 targets (B-27 standard only - 24x45) standard black and white only (no colors)
  5. Cleaning kit

Those interested in firearms must download a background packet prior to enrolling. DOJ clearance is date sensitive. Last date to submit DOJ is Dec. 2, 2019 and packet must be submitted to the AOJ office before 4:00PM on Dec. 18.  Although no DOJ submission can be guaranteed returned in time for a course, this gives DOJ a 5-week turn-around-time for clearances.  However, if you decide to take a chance for this course, Grossmont College or Grossmont College staff will not be held liable for any delayed or denied clearance results or cancellation of class.  No student will be permitted on the range without a DOJ clearance.


If you already have PC 832, and need just the firearms course, you may take the firearms only class by paying the required fees.  Parking is required the first day only, for $2.00.   


*Student fees: $1 for student govt. fee per semester per student. If you are registered in other classes you will not be assessed these fees again.


You may purchase daily parking permits for $2.00 per day instead of semester parking permit if this is the only class you are taking on campus.

All prices are for Ca residents.




Apply to the college first, then if interested in firearms, you must download a background packet prior to enrolling. POST requires the DOJ clearance to be dated within 90 days of the actual course. Letters dated earlier will be invalid and will require you to re-submit your DOJ application.




We provide the firearm (Glock .40) & holster, but you must provide all other equipment. You may use your own 9mm or .40 cal. firearm. All others must be approved.  Please note, any "1911 platform" weapon will not be allowed.




Applicants MUST NOT have any FELONY CONVICTIONS! In addition, you cannot have any Drug, Weapons, Assault or Domestic Violence convictions! You are not eligible if you have a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) relating to weapons, assaults or domestic violence!  Some psychological holds can also disqualify you from taking this course.


For step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in our courses after your application has been submitted, please open "Register on the internet". This is good for all classes, just be sure to use the correct section number.


Background Packet

Please download this background packet (available Oct. 29) and complete the DOJ Live Scan before Dec. 2, 2019, before 4:00PM.  All packets must be submitted to the AOJ office before 4:00PM on Dec. 18, as the college will be closed for the winter break.

The Grossmont College application must be completed first and your student ID# can be obtained after the 24-hour processing time. Do not submit packet to the AOJ office without a student ID#.

Walk-in Office Hours:  Tues. & Thurs., 2:00- 4:00PM
Appointments:  Mon. - Thurs. 9:30 - 4:30PM (except Dec. 18)


No student will be permitted on the range without a DOJ Clearance.


Register on the Internet

How to Register (after DOJ approval for firearms & academy courses)


Before you register for class, you must have an application on file, and it takes 24 hours to process your application. If you are a returning student, and have been absent for more than one year, you must re-apply to the college.  You can only register at your appointment time or after.    

To apply,, click "student services" then yellow "apply & enroll online".

Login at and click on "Self-Service", after your application has been approved (24-hours after submission)


From Self-Service:


Login: first time logging in, use your firstname.lastname, and your password will be your birthday in the “MMDDYY” format (010101), no dashes or slashes.  If you have a common name, you may have numbers after your last name.  You can verify your login, by clicking “account information” at the bottom of the page, then click “what is my user ID?”


Verify registration date and time by clicking on “Registration date /time” right side of screen, near the top.


Select “search, plan & register” – this will direct you to the new self-service system.




Type in the course you want in the search box, top right corner.  For the corrections academy, type aoj100 and corresponding letter A-D, or aoj101 and corresponding letter A-D.  Course number must be exact. Check Self-Service for correct course number or view website above.


Select “view available sections for AOJ-100 and corresponding letter A-D, or AOJ-101", and corresponding letter A-D.


Click “add section to schedule” large blue box on right side of screen.  You will be asked to select “add to schedule again”.  You can search / add for all of your classes in one step while in this section.


To register, select “student planning & registration” at top of page & then “plan and schedule”.


From here, you will need to click the arrow for “spring 2020” or current semester.  You will see your course(s) listed on the left.  If all is correct, you may register for each of your courses individually from here, or you can register for all of your courses from the top right “register all scheduled sections now”.


If you see a circle with a red line, this means you do not have one or more of the following:

  • It isn’t your time to register, refer back to step one.
  • You have not submitted your background application, or you have not been cleared by DOJ at this time. Please contact the AOJ office at
  • Your application has not been submitted correctly or has not been processed. Check back 24-hours after submitting both portions of the application. If you still cannot register, contact Admissions & Records at 619-644-7172.

To get back to Self-Service, use your arrow back key at the top of your browser. This will allow you to verify your registration date / time without logging out of the self-service system.


Parking permit (if taking a semester length course): From other services menu, lower right side of menu. Permits are required to park on campus.  If taking short-term classes you may purchase daily permits for $2 per day.  


You may make a payment online via secure website or in person at the Cashiers office. They are open Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 5:00pm, Friday, 9:00-1:00pm (closed Fridays in the summer). All fees must be paid at the time of registration to prevent being dropped and not receiving credit for the course.