Emergency Dispatch Operator


Course starts TBD.

Course offered: Each Fall Semester

Emergency Dispatch Operator  (AOJ 158)

120-HOURS 7 units
Mon. & Wed. nights, 6-10pm
Full Semester (16 weeks)


This course will prepare students for work as emergency dispatchers in law enforcement, fire, and medical agencies, as well as private employers such as towing companies.


The Emergency Dispatch Operator course is POST certified, meeting the requirements for law enforcement, fire, and medical agencies.



Ca. residents will pay $322 for tuition. Parking permit, book, health fee and other fees are not included in tuition. Non-residents will be charged $1652 for out of state tuition.


To enroll in this course, submit an application to the college at www.grossmont.edu and then register through Self-Service.  It takes 24 hours to process your application.


If you have any specific questions about dispatch or other AOJ programs, please contact our Administration of Justice office at 619-644-7323 or email grossmont.aoj@gcccd.edu@gcccd.edu.


For step-by-step instructions on how to register, go to the POST CPT Training link, and click on

"Register on the Internet".


Please note: This course has strict attendance polices as it is state-certified.  Please check the website often for start dates, as you can only add this course the first week of class, if you haven't enrolled for it previously.


To find other colleges who may offer this course, please visit the POST website at www.post.ca.gov, click on the course catalog. You will see who is certified to offer the course, however you will need to contact the provider to find out when the course is available.


Students should be aware that prior felony or any misdemeanor or felony domestic violence convictions, and some psychological holds, are disqualifying. TROs (Temporary Restraining Orders) can also be a disqualifier. Prior substance abuse (including marijuana) and other disqualifiers may apply in specific positions related to law enforcement or forensics.



Register on the Internet

How to Register 

Before you register for class, you must have an application on file, and it takes 24 hours to process your application. If you are a returning student, and have been absent for more than one year, you must re-apply to the college.  You can only register at your appointment time or after.  To check registration date, login to Self-Service, and from student menu, left side of screen, click "registration date and time".  

To apply, www.grossmont.edu, click "student services" then yellow "apply & enroll online".

Login at www.grossmont.edu and click on "Self-Service"


From Self-Service:


Login: first time logging in, use your firstname.lastname, and your password will be your birthday in the “MMDDYY” format (010101), no dashes or slashes.  If you have a common name, you may have numbers after your last name.  You can verify your login, by clicking “account information” at the bottom of the page, then click “what is my user ID?”


Verify registration date and time by clicking on “Registration date /time” right side of screen, near the top.


Select “search, plan & register” – this will direct you to the new self-service system.



Type in the course you want in the search box, top right corner.  For the Public Safety Dispatch course, type aoj158. 

Select “view available sections for AOJ-158”


Click “add section to schedule” large blue box on right side of screen.  You will be asked to select “add to schedule again”.  You can search / add for all of your classes in one step while in this section.


To register, select “student planning & registration” at top of page & then “plan and schedule”.


From here, you will need to click the arrow for “fall 2019” or current semester.  You will see your course(s) listed on the left.  If all is correct, you may register for each of your courses individually from here, or you can register for all of your courses from the top right “register all scheduled sections now”.


If you see a circle with a red line, this means you do not have one or more of the following:

  • It isn’t your time to register, refer back to step one.
  • Your application has not been submitted correctly or has not been processed. Check back 24-hours after submitting both portions of the application. If you still cannot register, contact Admissions & Records at 619-644-7172.

To get back to Self-Service, use your arrow back key at the top of your browser. This will allow you to verify your registration date / time without logging out of the self-service system.

Make sure to add all classes before selecting "make payment". You are responsible for all fees. Non-payment for class will forfeit credit for the class.


Parking permit: From other services menu, lower right side of menu. Permits are required to park on campus.  If taking short-term classes you may purchase daily permits for $2 per day.  


You may make a payment online via secure website or in person at the Cashiers office. They are open Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 5:00pm, Friday, 9:00-1:00pm (except summer, closed Fridays). All fees must be paid at the time of registration to prevent being dropped and not receiving credit for the course.