Hyflex Classrooms

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Hyflex classrooms are equipped with built-in camera and microphones for use in distance and hybrid learning.  For the Fall 2022 semester, the following classrooms will be Hyflex capable:

  • 10-106 (College Conference) - Conference Room
  • 31-107
  • 31-109
  • 31-128
  • 31-129
  • 34-150
  • 41-117
  • 53-544a
  • 60-180 (Griffin Gate) - Conference Room
  • 100-109

Zoom Settings

Below are the settings for Zoom to utilize the camera and mic in the room. This is on a "per user" basis (each individual who logs in must set it up for themselves) but you should only need to set it up once per semester.


Click the up arrow next to the camera icon and select "Video settings". Change the following:

  • select the "Avermedia" camera
  • Open camera options and select "HD" and make sure "Mirror my video" IS NOT selected


Click the up arrow next to the microphone icon and make sure "Dante" is selected as the microphone. In some rooms the mic will be "Aver" instead.


Click the up arrow next to the microphone icon and make sure "Extron" is selected as the speaker




Each room is equipped with a touchpanel that controls the camera system. Click the camera button on the touchpanel and utilize the onscreen buttons to control the camera.


Enable the "auto-track" function of the camera to have it automatically follow you as you walk around the room. (currently you cannot track in 100-109)


Each camera has 3 pre-determined "views" that can be triggered via the preset buttons. These correspond to 1) a closeup of the instructor station, 2) a wider shot of the whiteboard and 3) an even wider shot of the front of the room

Manual Control

With Tracking disabled, you can also manually move the camera and zoom in/out as needed.



Contact grossmont.ims@gcccd.edu to setup training



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How were these rooms determined?
Campus administration, IMS and Instructional Operations reviewed classroom spaces with Academic Deans to determine which were the most feasible and would have the greatest impact.
Can I request a room?
The project is rapidly moving forward and Academic Deans have identified spaces they believe will best serve the needs of their departments. That said, If you would like an additional room considered, we are happy to meet with you and review the feasibility of adding Hyflex equipment to your space. That request would then need to be sent to your Dean and campus administration for consideration or your department would need to fund the project. Please note that equipment currently has a lead time of 3-5 months and IMS is impacted with other projects.
When will everything be completed?
The initial Phase 1 Hyflex program yielded (8) classrooms and (2) conference rooms. Phase 2 will add an additional (42) classrooms and (28) conference rooms. Due to product lead times and competitive bid requirements, we expect these to begin during Fall 2022 and complete by Summer 2023.
What is the capacity/layout of a particular room

Please use the "location search" feature of the Collegenet or reach out to campus "Instructional Operations"