Pass/No Pass (P/NP)


(Formerly Credit/No Credit) grading option is offered so that students may explore subject areas of interest outside those of their known abilities or assumed competence without competing for grades with students who are majoring in that subject. In any course offered at Grossmont College, a student may elect to be graded on a P/NP basis providing the course is not part of the major (except for department approved courses graded on a P/NP basis only). In all cases, a student enrolled in a course must have met course prerequisites.


A maximum of 12 credit units earned at Grossmont College with P grades may be counted in satisfaction of general education and elective curriculum requirements for graduation. Grades received from other accredited institutions may be applied as credit, when appropriate, toward graduation.


Some courses in the curriculum are offered exclusively on a P/NP basis. Credit units earned in these courses are exempt from the 12 unit restrictions. In all other non-major courses, the election to be graded on a P/NP is at the option of the student. Students electing to be graded on a P/NP basis shall establish that option by submitting the appropriate form to the Admissions and Records Office by the end of the fifth week of the semester. (Short-term classes will be allowed a proportionate amount of time.) Once the P/NP deadline has passed, the decision is irrevocable.


A P grade shall represent at least a satisfactory level of performance but shall not be counted as units attempted in computing grade point average. An NP grade indicates unsatisfactory completion of course requirements but will not be counted as units attempted in computing grade point average. NP grades will be taken into consideration in the determination of progress alert or disqualification status.


How to submit an online Pass/No Pass Request.

1) Please check deadlines before you submit the form

2) Click on the link below 

3) Fill the Online Request for Pass/No Pass

4) Digitally sign the request 

5) Click "Submit Form"


Note: If you do not receive an email reply acknowledging that we have received your Transcript request within one working day, check your junk/trash folder otherwise most likely your send is not successful, please send again. (Please note, we are closed weekends and holidays)


You may check whether your Pass/No pass was approved or disapproved by clicking
"Petition Waiver" in Self-Service for more information.


If you are unable to submit the form online, then print and fax (619) 644-7933 or mail it.


Please contact the Admissions and Records office if you have any questions (619) 644-7186.


Online Pass / No Pass Form



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