Kanopy Help


Start by going to the Library's Homepage:

  • Click Databases -> and then Kanopy.
  • You will then see a Kanopy page and it will look like you have to login but you don't have to. 
    • Just click VISIT THE GCCCD COLLECTION and then click LOG IN TO GCCCD one more time
    • Next enter your username and password. 
      • You can find more information on your library username a password here: Login Help
  • You can search for the title of the film or search by subject.

You can also watch this short video demo below:




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Other Login Help
For more information on logging into the library from off-campus, visit the the Library Login Help page.
Faculty Information
  • Faculty should request films through Kanopy prior to assigning the film in their class.
  • Kanopy films generally have a 1-year subscription.
  • For additional information, please contact Jessica Owens

Research Help

For general questions and research help      

chat     24/7 chat
phone     (619) 644 - 7361