Financial Aid Updates

New changes go into effect in August 2018 that may impact financial aid students. These changes include:

  • New Financial Aid Disbursement Procedures
  • New Direct Loan Interest Rates
  • New California Student Success Completion Grant

For complete details on all the changes and updates that are important for students to know, please read our communique.

If you have questions after reading all the changes, please contact the Financial Aid Office.


Apply on-line for a Scholarship

Scholarship applications are now available to be completed on-line and submitted electronically. Don't miss this opportunity to apply for a scholarship. It's fast and easy!



We want to correspond with you through email. Using email helps us save on the costs of paper, postage, etc. You also have the benefit of getting correspondence from us immediately rather than waiting for snail mail.


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If we do have your email address, here are some tips to make sure you actually receive our emails. We don't want you to miss out on important information that may affect your financial aid!


  • Make sure your email box isn't full. There are many emails that we are sending that are bouncing back because the box is full. Check for email from us often and keep your box clear.
  • Some e-mail accounts include "bulk mail folders" or "junk mail folders" and our emails to you may be perceived as unsolicited mail and directed in to these folders or you may not get them at all. Check all your folders to determine if this is happening.
  • Because our email may contain a hyperlink, the message may be perceived as unwanted email or "spam" and your personal email account settings may filter it out. You may have to contact your provider if this occurs.
  • To ensure that our email reaches you, you may want to set up a free e-mail account at, or and don't give it to anyone but us. Make sure you provide us with this email address by logging into Self-Service and select the "Update Personal Information" link once you are on the Student page.