Classified Staffing Prioritization Committee



This committee is responsible for the annual prioritization of classified staffing requests made by departments through the annual unit planning process. In prioritizing these requests the committee contributes to the College’s institutional capacity in pursuit of its mission, vision and goals. 



  • Maintain currency in knowledge and understanding of key, related institutional documents, such as the Strategic Plan and the Integrated Plan Goals.
  • Collaborate with the Staffing Committee, on an annual basis, to design/revise a rubric for the evaluation of staffing requests.
  • Utilize the rubric to evaluate and prioritize faculty staffing requests from the annual unit plan.
  • Present the prioritized list, along with a rationale, to the Staffing Committee for the purpose of establishing understand and clarity.
  • Collaborate with the Staffing Committee to evaluate the efficacy of the process and suggest any needed revisions to the process.