Low Textbook Cost


What it is

Low Textbook Cost (LTC) is a designation within the class schedule that allows students to search by course type.  

A class qualifies as LTC when the textbook cost, for all textbooks within the class, is $40 or less, as a new book at the Grossmont Campus Bookstore.  


How to request LTC designation

Please complete the LTC designator request form


Campus Background Information 

In Fall 2021, a survey was sent to students and faculty about textbook costs. The faculty survey featured 5 questions and the student survey included 9 questions. One question on both surveys asked about low textbook costs thresholds.  The OER workgroups at both Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges applied the results of the survey along with findings from regional and statewide trends. We took each criterion and assigned the following weight to determine the dollar amount for Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges LTC designation. 


30% Student Survey Results $20 ($40 mean)
20% Faculty Survey Results $20 ($40 mean)
40% SDICCCA colleges $40
10% Statewide trends $40

The requirement of purchasing a new book at the campus bookstore is for standardization and equity. Not all students will have used books available to them or the ability to purchase from an outside vendor. 

We presented our findings at the April 18th Academic Senate meeting.


State Background Information 

The Higher Ed Act, section 133 was revised in 2010 requiring disclosure of retail price information of required and recommended college textbooks and supplemental material for each course listed in the institution's course schedule.  


In Fall 2020, the Academic Senate for California Community College’s passed Resolution 20.02. The document resolved “that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges encourage local academic senates to advocate for the implementation of a process for consistent, clear, and transparent messaging to students prior to registration regarding all material and supply costs in appropriate locations including the schedule of classes and the bookstore.”   

In Fall 2021, the ASCCC passed Resolution 03.04 to develop statewide recommendation for definition of Low-Cost course materials. the document resolved "that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the Student Senate for California Community Colleges and California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office to identify a recommended definition of “low-cost” to be considered for adoption throughout the California Community College system. 

In April of 2022 Assembly Bill 2624 was passed and was re-referred to committee. When language of this bill is revised it will require colleges to prominently display the estimated costs for each course of all required course materials, and fees directly related to those materials 

To begin compliance with state law and to follow our State Senate's resolutions, we will be implementing the LTC designation in the spring 2023 semester.