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OER Video Overviews & Tutorials

By Abbey Elder, CC BY 4.0

This video contains 5 tips for instructors creating OER for the first time:


  1. Determine how your OER will meet your course's needs
  2. Check if you've already created something you can use as a base for your OER
  3. Evaluate tools and determine where you will build your OER
  4. Consider what license you will apply to your OER
  5. Decide where and how you want to share your OER
The OER Starter Kit Workbook

The OER Starter Kit Workbook

The OER Starter Kit Workbook is a remix of the OER Starter Kit to include worksheets to help instructors practice the skills they need to confidently find, use, or even create open educational resources (OER). We welcome instructors, librarians, instructional designers, administrators, and anyone else interested in OER to explore the OER Starter Kit Workbook.

Open Washington Learn OER

Learn OER

A self-paced workshop from the University of Washington, this course walks you through techniques to incorporate OER into your teaching practice. The course will cover the fundamental aspects of OER including open licensing and public domain. It focuses on providing practical guidance in locating and applying openly available resources. Additional information can be found on the Open Washington website here

OER Toolkit

OER Toolkit from the College Libraries of Ontario

The OER Toolkit was a developed by Colleges Libraries Ontario (CLO) and the Ontario Colleges Library Service (OCLS) in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME). Though developed in Canada for Canadian institutions of higher education, this is a very useful and comprehensive guide for anyone interested in adapting or adopting OER for their courses. 

The Rebus Guide to Publishing  Open Textbooks (So Far)

The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks (So Far)

The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks (So Far) is a living repository of collective knowledge, written to equip all those who want to publish open textbooks with the resources they need. Representing two years of collaboration, innumerable conversations and exchanges, and a wide range of collective knowledge and experience, the Guide is a book-in-progress and will evolve and grow over time. Includes a section on 4 steps to starting an open textbook project. Download the book here

By: Apurva Ashok and Zoe Wake Hyde

LibreText OER Remixer

LibreTexts OER Remixer

Currently in version 2.0, the LibreTexts Remixer lets you take content from across all 13 discipline specific libraries on the LibreTexts platform and remix them together to create your own OER. The Remixer tool can be used for simple tasks like creating a book that consists of select chapters of an existing resource, or it can be used to create complex remixes consisting of multiple resources. You can also create empty pages if you want to insert your own content into parts of your customized book. Before creating a customized remix it is recommended that you construct a Remixing Map to guide you in building your remix text. Note: this tutorial assumes that you have a remixing map prepared.