Pathway Pillar IV


Ensure Student Learning

(Ensure learning is occurring and aligns with intended outcomes)

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are clearly outlined and appear on every course syllabi. They are measurable, have been developed and assessed by faculty so they can evaluate whether students are mastering the learning outcomes and building the skills needed for success across the program and career.  Students demonstrate what they have learned in their course by:

  • Participating in group projects
  • Internships
  • Applied learning experiences
    (Learning by doing)

The college ensures that learning is occurring by incorporating effective teaching practices throughout the pathways and provides professional development to faculty to update their practices as student needs change.

Pillar IV - Focus

  • Culturally relevant curriculum & growth mindset
  • Professional development
  • Curriculum design per meta-major
  • Acceleration transitions to content level courses
  • Learning outcomes - SLOs, PLOs, etc.
  • Articulation with high schools and four-year institutions
  • Internships, work experience
  • Cost effective textbooks


Core Components