Pathway Pillar II

Choose a Path

(Help students choose and enter a pathway)

A Guided Pathways college determines the level of college-readiness with the student and either maps a route to get the student up to college-level ability, or selects a structured "guided pathway" that is mapped through program completion. For students truly needing remediation, the college maps out the quickest remediation route possible utilizing principles outlined in the California Acceleration Project and provides the student with intensive support needed to successfully complete college-level coursework.

Ideally, the college and high schools work together to assure that college-bound seniors are truly college-ready. The Guided Pathways framework strives to provide early remediation at the high school level whenever possible. 

Pillar II - Focus
  • Matriculation Services
    • Outreach, Financial Aid, Application process
    • Orientation
    • Assessment
    • Advising 
    • Registration Process
    • Major and career exploration

Core Components