Pathway Acronyms

  • AACC: American Association of Community Colleges
  • CCCCO: California Community College Chancellor’s Office
  • CCRC: Community College Research Center
  • CLP: Career Ladders Project
  • CPIE: College Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
  • MMAP: Multiple Measures Assessment Project
  • NCII: National Center for Inquiry & Improvement

Related Terminology 

  • Corequisite: A course that must be taken simultaneously with another 
  • Duel Enrollment: Program that allows high school students to take college- level classes before they graduate from high school and earn college credit
  • Gateway Courses: Non-credit bearing developmental education courses which serves as an initial path to the gateway courses- and/or college credit-bearing, lower division courses (also called remedial) 
  • Academic and Career Pathways (Meta-majors): Similar programs that are clustered together by similarity of course requirements. Also referred to as career clusters or areas of interest/study. 
  • Prerequisite: A course which must be taken before a student may register for a subsequent course.