Pathway Pillar III

Stay on the Path

(Help the student stay on the pathway)

The third pillar of guided pathways is intentional monitoring of students' progress along the pathway that involves intrusive interventions to redirect students back to their pathway when they get off track. This is the early intervention part of SSSP (Student Success & Support Program) pillar.


College advisors use technology to monitor students enrolled in every program to observe how far along each student is toward completing program requirements. These tools are used to alert advisors when students are at risk of falling off the program pathway. Active monitoring of the students enables advisors to assist students who are unlikely to be accepted into limited-access programs and redirects him/her to more viable credential and career destination. 

Pillar III - Focus
  • Counseling
  • Categorical areas and how they integrate into Guided Pathways Faculty coaching
  • Student support and retention at unit completion
  • Student disqualifications and petitions
  • Early alert method
  • Graduation process
    Why do students need to apply?


Core Components