Resources for Outcomes Assessment

Getting Started

Here are some of the core resources to get started with Outcomes Assessment.


Assessing Student Learning. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching.

Provides an excellent overview and introduction to assessing student learning including theories, methods and approaches.


Assessing Student Learning : A Common Sense Guide. Suskie, Linda., and Trudy W. Banta.

Full book available via the Grossmont College Library. One of the best books on student learning outcomes assessment, period.


Assessment Glossary - National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) (PDF)

"contains definitions to terms and concepts you are likely to encounter in assessment literature, practice, conferences, and conversations."


Local Resources


Canvas course on Outcomes Assessment for Grossmont College SLO Liaisons

This resource course contains self-paced training, templates, resources, and discussion boards by topic based on the Assessment Cycle. It is a place to share examples with colleagues and participate in our online community for Chairs and SLO Liaisons working on Outcomes Assessment. 


Grossmont College SLO Handbook (PDF)

The handbook materials were collected and bound together to be used as a resource for faculty in conducting meaningful course and program level outcomes assessment. 


Guiding Principles for SLO Assessment (ASCCC) (PDF)

"...the paper promotes and emphasizes the primary role of faculty in all SLO development and assessment activities and the importance of faculty participation and involvement in the development and implementation of assessment processes."