Resources for members of the Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee


Based on the Purpose and Responsibilities of the PIEC, members should be familiar with the following list of documents/resources:


District Educational Master Plan, 2012


Grossmont College Educational Master Plan, in development for 2020


Grossmont College Strategic Plan, 2016-2022


Grossmont College Mission, Vision and Values, last reviewed and updated 2018


Student Access, Success and Equity data, available via the Tableau Dashboard


Program Review

  • Academic
  • Student Services
  • Administrative and Other 

Annual Unit Planning, under review, info available for Fall 2019


Outcomes Assessment


Key Performance Indicators, Institution-Set Standards and Goals on metrics that we have chosen to monitor our progress toward fulfilling our mission. 


Accreditation, specifically refer to the Standards file and read Standard I


Grossmont College Participatory Governance page, to find the changes and compositions of all committees as well as the Handbook.


California Community College Chancellor's Office Vision for Success--the rationale for the areas of focus, goals and guiding principles that are behind the Student Centered Funding Formula and Guided Pathways initiatives.


Student Centered Funding Formula is how the college gets money from the state (although implementation is somewhat in flux as of Fall 2019). Information is available through the CCCCO (link above) but here is an Overview presentation and a "non-technical" FAQ.  


California Community College Chancellor's Office Data Resources--where all state-wide data can be found.  Grossmont data is live in these dashboards such as the Student Success Metrics (also called the Simplified Metrics) that will be used going forward and the Student Success Scorecard, which is being phased out. An explanation of the Student Success Metrics is found in this presentation, Simplified Metrics Explained


The RP Group--dedicated to providing data-informed resources for planning and professional development for CA community colleges. Many additional resources are available here including a schedule of workshops and webinars.