Academic Program Review Committee Information

Academic Program Review Calendar: The committee is staying current on the 2017-2022 calendar.  All departments in the ASL and ESBS divisions have been reviewed. The first group of MNSESW departments are being reviewed currently (Fall 2019) and the second group of MNSESW departments are writing this semester.  The CTE/WD division is the next division to write, beginning Spring 2020.


Meetings: Every Wednesday (during Fall and Spring terms) 2:10-4:00, College Conference Room



  • AHN: Joyce Fries (CHAIR) Occupational Therapy Assistant Program,
  • ALC: Lesa Green, Dance
  • At-Large: Schorsh Kaffenberger, History
  • Counseling: MariaDenise "Dee" Aceves, Articulation Officer
  • CTE: Kelly Menck, Administration of Justice
  • ESBS:Leah Cooper, English as a Second Language
  • MNSESW: Suzy Munoz, Math
  • LTRC: Vacant
  • SLO Co-Coordinator: Gareth Davies-Morris, Humanities
  • Program Review Data Liaison: Bonnie Ripley, Biology

Resource/Advisory Members

  • Dean of Division currently under review
  • Instructional Operations Supervisor
  • Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Sr. Dean, College Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Academic Senate President (or other officer)


Academic Program Review is an integral part of the total process of curriculum planning, development and implementation at Grossmont College. The information gathered during the review process provides the basis for informed decision-making by the faculty and administration on the allocation of resources to those programs as well as the initiation, expansion, contraction, consolidation and termination of programs. The process not only provides program and department accountability but also provides an opportunity for innovative and effective practices to be shared with the campus community and to tie the work that each department does to the larger strategic goals of the college and to fulfilling the college mission.  The Academic Program Review Committee's goals include:

  • Develop and implement a cooperative, standardized and flexible methodology to facilitate continuous program review (reviewed and updated each cycle).
  • Collect and disseminate relevant information that will provide a basis for long-range curriculum planning and development.
  • Insure integrity and excellence of academic programs.

All academic departments/programs are reviewed once every six years as part of the program review cycle. During the year in which the program is reviewed, the department/program writes a self-study document including departmental recommendations. The Academic Program Review Committee reviews these documents, requests written follow-up as needed, and meets with the department to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. A summary of commendations and recommendations is prepared by the committee and presented to the department in a meeting with the College President.  A final report summarizing the work of the committee each academic year is distributed to the Academic Senate, Vice President of Academic Affairs, College President, and the Governing Board and made publicly available via the pages linked below.


Current Cycle

2017-2022 Program Review Cycle Documents


Previous Cycles

2010-2016 Program Review Cycle Documents

2003-2009 Program Review Cycle Documents


Calendar for 2017-2022

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