High School Biology to Clear the BIO 120 Prerequisite 


For Declared Nursing Majors Only


High school biology can be used to clear Biology 120 for Biology 140, 141, 144, and 152 for Grossmont College Nursing majors only. Cuyamaca College nor other Grossmont College Health Professions programs will not accept this method to clear their prerequisites. This option no longer applies if a student changes their major.


If you have successfully completed, with a grade of "C" or higher, 1 year of high school biology with a lab, and would like to be cleared to register for BIO 140, 141, 144, or 152, submit your request with a copy of your high school transcripts throughthe link below. Students who have attended high school out of the area must also include a course description and/or a letter from the registrar or campus administrator verifying that the biology course contained a lab and meets the requirements for the prerequisite. Please indicate on your request that you are a nursing major.


Please note that the science prerequisite courses (Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology) required by the Nursing Program are highly rigorous and multiple attempts are not allowed by the program. Should you need to complete General Biology to successfully pass the BIO 140, 141, 144, and 152 courses, it is strongly recommended that you continue your education beyond high school biology and first complete Biology 120.

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Please see the Nursing Department webpage for more information about the Nursing Department and prerequisites for the program.

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