English & Math Placement/Assessment


Per state legislation (AB 705/1805), all students have the right to bypass remedial coursework and register directly into transfer-level English and Math. Standardized assessment tests are no longer used to place students into English and math coursework. Instead, students who plan to enroll in an English or math class, or who plan to enter a degree, certificate, or transfer program are encouraged to fill out a self-guided placement questionnaire based on their high school academic record (such as coursework, grades, and/or GPA). In addition, colleges shall use evidence-based multiple measures for placing students into English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) courses. To access the self-guided questionnaire, follow this link on Self-Service and login. Students who have completed an English and math class at another college may receive placement by presenting transcripts to the Counseling Center or by submitting an Online Placement/Prerequisite Clearance Form that can be found here: Prerequisite Clearance Form


AB 1805 English Infograph


AB 1805 Math Infograph


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