Telephone Services


Each full-time instructor will have a telephone in his/her office or have ready access to one. Extension numbers are listed in the Staff Directory.

Calls for part-time instructors are normally connected to the instructor’s voice mail.

Students may leave messages for faculty by calling 619-644-7000 and dial the voicemail number or by dialing "0." Faculty may retrieve and clear his/her voice mail by dialing 619-644-7454, dial voicemail number and the *, and then enter passcode. Information regarding use of this message service is available from Business Communication Services office, x7135. Students will not be able to leave messages if the individual instructor has not arranged for a voice mail number.

Toll calls or long distance calls are not authorized except when they involve the college or district. If a long distance call is attempted, a fast busy signal is heard meaning an outside line must be cleared through the college operator, "0."

Local calls may be placed by dialing "9" and the number desired. 1-800411, and 911 may also be reached by dialing "9." Local directory assistance calls are billed to the college district; therefore, staff should use phone directories. Telephones are not for use by students. Student workers may obtain permission from their supervisor.

For urgent questions or telephone trouble reports, dial x7135 or email Inform Business Communications Services of any office relocation.