Telemetry/ECG Technician Certificate Program


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The Telemetry/ECG Technician Certificate Program prepares you to work as an ECG technician, performing 12-lead resting electrocardiograms, and/or a Telemetry technician monitoring multiple patient electrocardiograms.


The program courses prepare the student to sit for both the Certified Cardiographic Technician (CCT) exam and the Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician (CRAT) exam through Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI).


*Note: sometimes EKG is used interchangeably with ECG - both mean the same thing.  Why are there two different abbreviations? It’s actually quite simple—the word electrocardiogram was first used in the German language, and it is spelled Elektro-kardiographie.


Electrocardiograph Technicians (ECG) administer 12-lead ECG's to patients and assess the heart by viewing its electrical activity. This entry-level position of Electrocardiograph Technician operates and maintains the ECG machines which detect and record electronic impulses transmitted by the heart during and between heartbeats. With additional training, stress testing and Holter monitoring can be conducted.  These certified technicians may work in hospitals, clinics or in physician's offices.


Telemetry Technicians (TELE) analyzes cardiac rhythms on multiple patients that are observed on cardiac monitors and reports on rhythm abnormalities.  The Telemetry Technician is a higher-level position that requires in-depth knowledge of all normal and abnormal cardiac rhythms; this knowledge is crucial for positive patient outcomes.

To submit an application, please see the Application Process page on this site for all requirements needed.


"All communication between the program office and the student is by email. All emails sent to student on the waitlist and currently in the program are sent with a delivery and read receipt. If you chose not to check the read receipt, the program is not responsible if the student states that they did not receive the email".



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