Clinical Assignment ECG/Tele

Clincal experience will be assigned by the course instructor and will occur during weeks 7-16 of the semester.


A matching, single set (top/pants) of scrubs will be needed for the clinical assignment.  Solid colors only.  Students will be given a lanyard designating "Grossmont College EKG/Telemetry" to wear with their student ID.


Before students are allowed to enter the clinical environment, all requirements such as, but not limited to, current immunizations, CPR, TB clearance, flu shot, clinical site-specific clearance paperwork, and medical malpractice insurance must be completed.  Clearance will be verified by your instructor before clinical placement.


Clinical placement for ECG students will be with working ECG/EKG technicians in local hospitals.


Clinical placement for Tele students will be with working Telemetry technicians in local hospitals.



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