Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Telemetry/ECG Technician Program at Grossmont College are employable at hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the country. Some job titles in this field include:

  • ECG/EKG Technician
  • Exercise Treadmill Technician
  • Holter Monitor Technician
  • Pacemaker Clinic Technician
  • Telemetry Technician

Job market information and Job Placement instruction is included in each program. In addition, all students have access to Job Placement services at Grossmont College.


As the need for cross-training increases, many allied health care professionals enroll in the Telemetry/ECG Technician Program for career enhancement or mobility. The program also provides an excellent foundation for advanced coursework in Cardiovascular Technology.


Where are CTE Students Working?

Here are some of the places that CTE students are working.

Telemetry Technician

  • Sharp Grossmont
  • Sharp Chula Vista
  • Sharp Memorial
  • Scripps- La Jolla
  • UCSD
  • Kaiser
  • Children's Hospital



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