Frequently Asked Questions


What is the length of the Respiratory Therapy Program?

Two years following acceptance into the program after completion of the prerequisite courses.


What are the prerequisite courses?

  • High School graduation or equivalent.
  • Chemistry 115 or equivalent (4 units). One year of High School Chemistry serves as equivalent.
  • Biology 144 & 145 or Biology 140 & 141 & 141L or equivalent (8 units)
  • Biology 152 (5 units)
  • These courses take about 1 year to complete
  • A grade of "C" or better is required in all prerequisite courses

At time of application; please provide proof of the following immunizations as the Hepatitis series (including seropositivity) takes up to 9 months or more to complete: Measles/Mumps/Rubella  (MMR ) or test for seropositivity, Hepatitis B and test for seropositivity, Varicella (Chickenpox) or test for seropositivity and within the past 5 years-Tetanus/Diphtheria/Acellular Pertussis (TDAP). PLEASE MAKE ONLY ONE SIDED COPIES OF DOCUMENTATION. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT BACK TO BACK DUPLICATION.


Can prerequisites be completed at a school other than Grossmont College?

Prerequisites may be taken at any WASC accredited college. Please consult a Grossmont College counselor, or see the Equivalency section of our Web Page for information on equivalent courses at other schools.


When may I apply for admission to the Respiratory Therapy Program?

The Respiratory Therapy Program has an open application policy. The application is available to download and print from the RT website. Submit the application with supporting documentation to the RT office. Follow the application procedures outlined on the website.


Is the Respiratory Therapy Program a day or evening program?

The Respiratory Therapy Program is held only during the day, Monday through Saturday. (Occasional Saturday clinicals)


I have a degree from another country. Will those credits be applied toward prerequisite courses at Grossmont College?

Prospective students who completed their education in another country must have their transcripts evaluated by a credential evaluation service. Applications and information for these services are available in the Admissions and Records office. Make an appointment with the Program Coordinator to discuss this question. Bring transcripts (English translation) for evaluation.


Are there many jobs available?

The demand for Respiratory Therapists in California and the nation is great. As front-line workers providing care for COVID-19 patients respiratory therapists are in high demand. Many states are offering incentives to attract graduates to other states. Change answer to What are the current salary levels? Answer should be: The salary range varies depending on experience and the facility but the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the mean hourly salary for respiratory therapists in California was $40.35 as of May 2019.


What are the current salary levels?

The salary range varies for a newly graduated therapist.  Median hourly wage in California $39.62.  The mean hourly wage in California $40.35.  Reference


Is there a waiting list?

Yes, as of right now there is a one year wait list. Students are accepted on first come, first served basis - as long as prerequisites are successfully completed. Approximately 45 students are accepted each year.


What are the hours of the classes?

The class hours are listed in the class schedule. The class schedule can be obtained from the Grossmont College Bookstore. Class times and days vary each semester.


Are the graduates required to pass a state licensing exam?

Yes! The required classes and activities of the academic program will qualify the graduate of this program to take the exams required for the RRT credential and licensure in the state of California. For required disclosures on whether this program satisfies the license requirements of all states and territories for Respiratory Therapist/Respiratory Care Practitioner license or certificate, please visit the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) website and the state medical licensure boards for specific information for individual states.


The RRT credentialing process is a two-part, nationally administered examination. Part one is a written comprehensive exam taken after graduating with a minimum of an AS degree in Respiratory Therapy from a CoARC accredited program. Graduates wishing to obtain a license to practice Respiratory Therapy in California must pass this exam at or above the high-cut score. Upon passing the written exam at the high-cut score the graduate is eligible to take the Clinical Simulation Exam (CSE). Candidates who pass this exam earn the advanced practitioner RRT credential and are eligible for the RCP license in California. *Note – all states have specific requirements for licensure. Please visit the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) website and the state medical licensure boards for specific information for individual states.



An Associate in Science Degree in Respiratory Therapy is required. The Respiratory Therapy Program has a special "G.E." package. To find out what the G.E. requirements are, you will need to contact the counseling department or refer to the college catalog.


Are the Respiratory Therapy courses transferable to another college/university?

Yes, our courses are transferable to a four year college, however, you should check with the college or university that you are interested in transferring to for course acceptance.


What is the approximate cost of the program?


Resident Tuition

$46.00 per unit

Books, Clinical Attire, Malpractice Insurance, Fees, Etc.


Nonresident Tuition - above fees plus

$304.00 per unit

International Student - above fees plus

$304.00 per unit