Program Cost & FAQ


Program Cost

To earn college credit, enrollment and health fees must be paid to the college. Appropriate books will need to be purchased and proper scrubs are mandatory.  A parking fee will be charged to all students using the parking facilities. A Student Benefit Card is optional.  Scrubs will be mandatory for all classroom attendance and clinical sites.  The cost is approximately $1,600 for this 1 year program.


Resident Tuition - $46.00 per unit
Nonresident Tuition - $190.00 per unit
International Student - $190.00 per unit


  • How long is the Orthopedic Technology Program?

The Orthopedic Technology Program is a one year program. Students begin in the Fall semester each year and finish at the end of the following Summer semester (Fall to Fall). 


  • What are the prerequisite courses?

Human Anatomy: Biology 140 OR Anatomy & Physiology I- Biology 144 OR equivalent with a grade "C" or higher. Class must have a lab and lecture.


  • When does the program begin?

The Orthopedic Technology Program begins once a year at the beginning of the Fall semester.


  • When can I apply for the program?

Applications are accepted on a continuing basis. There is no deadline to apply. You can apply at any time once you have successfully completed the prerequisite course.


  • Is there a waitlist?

Yes, there is a waitlist. Students with complete applications are added to the waitlist in the order of receipt. In the Spring semester each year, students on the waitlist are invited to attend the program beginning in the Fall semester. Upon invitation to the program students can accept, decline, or postpone their seat in the program. The open seats are then offered to each successive applicant on the list until the class is full.  It is not uncommon to go through the entire waitlist to fill a class.  Being at the "end" of the waitlist does not necessarily mean an applicant will wait long. It is best to plan on a one year wait.


  • What time are the classes held?

Classes are held on campus in the evening.


  • What time are clinical shifts?

Clinical shift schedules vary by location. Students sign up for their own clinical shift.