Certificates of Competency

ESL for Business Office Technology 


Take all courses in the list to earn a certificate. Contact the ESL department chair and provide your transcript to receive your certificate by email or hard copy.


Level 1 Certificate of Competency (9 units)

ESL 105 Rhetoric for Academic Success (6 Units)

BOT 100 Basic Keyboarding (1 Unit)

BOT 119 Windows for the Information Worker (2 Units) 

Level 2 Certificate of Competency (8 units)

ESL 115 Academic Discourse through US Cultures (6 Units)

BOT 114 Essential Word (1 Unit)

BOT 115 Essential Excel (1 Unit) (8 units total)

Level 3 Certificate of Competency (7 units)

ESL 122 College Rhetoric (6 Units)

BOT 106 Effective Job Search (1 unit)