See what current and former students are saying about the Earth Sciences Department

“I took your GIS 104 class, and I remember at the time I was solely doing it to fulfill a requirement. Now, after graduating from SDSU with my degree in Methods of Geographic Analysis, I work as a GIS Analyst up in Solana Beach! I'm absolutely loving it. I can confidently say that all the credit goes toward your class.”
-Christine B.
“I just wanted to say hello and thank you and the team again for the amazing field course experience last semester, it was truly a one of a kind class that I will never forget. I got into the Geology program at SDSU as a general major, so this semester I’m taking Intro to Mineralogy, Historical, and Inquiry and I actually feel really well prepared for my classes because of all the information you guys taught us in the field trips!”
-Arturo G.
“I am doing quite well in the SDSU geology program and have to give credit where credit is due. All of the time and effort you guys (along with the others) put in to the field courses and lectures has really prepared me for my current geology course load. There are a few others in my classes who have taken Grossmont field courses and I feel we are leaps in front of our peers out in the field.”
-Derrik K.
“As a student at Grossmont and a Geography Major, I'd highly recommend any of these courses for students looking to find some well instructed, interesting courses. Also, if you like to chase adventures, and walk away with a broader outlook on the world around us, take any of the field courses that are available. I just took Geography of California, History of Greater SD Region, and Meteorology this semester (GEOG 170, 150, 140) and had a complete blast in all of these classes! I would recommend them to anyone! The Earth Sciences instructors are all awesome, and will do anything they can to help you succeed!”
-Marcus R.