Careers in Geosciences


What is a Geoscientist?

A Geoscientist works to understand natural processes on Earth and other planets. They investigate the Earth, its soils, the oceans and the atmosphere. Geoscientists predict the behavior of Earth systems and develop natural resources. They also are responsible for maintaining the quality of water supplies and reducing human suffering as well as loss of property due to natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, and hurricanes.


Geoscience Job Titles Include:

Atmospheric scientist, Economic geologist, Engineering geologist, Geochemist, Geochronologist, Geologist, Geomorphologist, Geophysicist, Glacial geologist, Hydrogeologist, Hydrologist, Marine geologist, Meteorologist, Mineralogist, Oceanographer, Paleoecologist, Paleontologist, Petroleum geologist, Petrologist, Planetary geologist, Sedimentologist, Seismologist, Soil scientist, Stratigraphers, Structural geologist, Volcanologist and more...


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What is a Geographer?

Geographers study the earth, its land and systems, and its animal and human inhabitants. While this may sound quite broad, geography itself is a very broad field, encompassing both the natural and social sciences. Geography is generally divided into two subfields - physical and human. Physical geographers study the physical aspects of the surface of the planet, such as landforms, glaciers, atmospheric and hydrological phenomena, and natural hazards, and how they influence populations. Human geographers study human cultures and their political and economic characteristics. Physical and human geographers may work together to study humanity's interactions with the environment.


Geography Job Titles Include:

Aerial Photo Interpreter, Cartographer, Climatologist, Community Developer, Computer Mapper, Demographer, Environmental Impact Analyst, Facilities Planner, Forestry Technician, Geographer, GIS Analyst, Hydrologist, Land Planner, Land-Use Analyst, Map Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Meteorologist, Natural Resources Specialist, Park Ranger, Public Utilities Specialist, Remote Sensing Analyst, Soil Conservationist, Surveyor, Transportation Analyst, Teacher/Professor, Urban/Regional Planner, Water Resources Manager and more…


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