International Business


The International Business program is designed to prepare students with the background and technology necessary to work in a business engaged in international trade. The curriculum is also of value to the individual who is planning to start his/her own import/export business. Internships in local international trade organizations are an important part of the program.

Career Opportunities

  • Broker
  • Customs Broker
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Import-Export Agent
  • Import-Export Specialist
  • International Finance & Accounting
  • International Law
  • International Planning & Management
  • International Purchasing & Management

Associate Degree Major Requirements
(Major Code: 54059)


Subject and Number Title Units
Business 120 Financial Accounting 4
Business 250 Introduction to International Business 4
Business 251 251 Import/Export Procedures 2
Business 252 Global Sourcing, Buying and Manufacturing 1.5
Business 253 International Marketing:Expanding Exports 3
Business 256 International Financial Transactions 2
Business 257 International Transportation 1.5
Business 258 The Cultural Dimension in International Business 3
  Total 20

Select TWO (2) of the following courses:
Subject & Number Title Units
Business 121 Managerial Accounting 4
Business 140 Entrepreneurship:
Developing a Business Plan
Business 146 Marketing 3
Business 265 A-B-C-D OR Internship in
International Business
Business 266 OR Internship in International Business (2)
Business 257 Internship in International Business  (3)
  Total 4-7

Select ONE (1) of the following courses:
Subject & Number Title Units
Communication 124 Intercultural Communication 3
French 152 The French Speaking World:A Cultural Perspective 3
Geography 130 Human and
Cultural Geography
History 137 East Asian Civilization 3
History 147 Middle East History 3
Humanities 130 East Asian Humanities 3
Spanish 141 Spanish & Latin
American Culture
or ONE (1) course in any foreign language [Spanish 120A and 120B are equivalent to one semester of Spanish 120] 3-5
  Total 3-5
  Total Required Plus General Education and Elective Requirements 27-32

Certificate of Achievement

Any student who wishes to complete only the requirements listed above qualifies for a Certificate of Achievement in International Business. An official request must be filed with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.