ES 024 -- Boot Camp Fitness

Class Description

This course presents a fast-paced, regimented style exercise regime that works the entire body through the use of calisthenics, running, body resistance training and agility drills designed to promote physical fitness and weight control.  Emphasis will be placed on discipline, intensity and goal-oriented exercise programming including core strength as well as cardiovascular endurance.  Students will also learn the fundamental principles of physical fitness and their impact on life-long health and wellness. 

It is important to understand this is NOT JUST a workout class.  This is a college course designed to provide instruction in fitness topics as well as participation in an interval training workout.

Fall and Spring Classes meet Mon and Wed 4-4:50 pm in room 42-101

Summer class meets Mon - Thur 8-9:10 am in room 42-101


Syllabus -- Fall/Spring
Syllabus -- Summer


Class Schedule -- Fall/Spring (Subject to Change)



Class Schedule Summer (Subject to change)

  • Week 1 -- Syllabus overview; Fitness Testing; Basic Training
  • Weeks 2-5 --
    • Mon / Wed -- High Intensity Muscular Strength and Endurance Challenges
    • Tue / Thurs -- High Intensity Cardiovascular Challenges, Drills and Obstacle Courses
  • Week 6 -- Retesting; Final Exam on Tuesday; Team Challenges Wed / Thur

Text Study Guide
 -- for Midterm (Fall/Spring) and Final (Summer)


Final Preparation Information


Heart Rate Worksheet