ES 294 -- Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor Leadership / Special Populations


This course addresses functional topics of personal training and group exercise leadership. The course also addresses learning about and working with special populations. Information focuses on knowledge and skills (behaviors) associated with leading others to become more educated, fit and healthy. Students will develop skills related to planning, instructing (discussing and demonstrating) exercise to individuals and groups. In addition to general leadership development, information regarding exercise and special populations related to cardiovascular diseases, physical disabilities, diabetes, sensory impairment, seniors, mentally impaired, pregnancy, and infectious diseases will be emphasized.


Spring 2010 Syllabus


Full Semester Lesson Plan -- this is formatted for the full semester as of Jan 13, 2010. All class handouts are available on Blackboard for those students enrolled in the class.


Spring 2010 Proposed Schedule -- Subject to Change


    ES 294 -- Spring 2010 Class Outline      
    Lisa Garrity -- -- 619-644-7454 x 3610      
Week # Class Date Topic Text Chapter  
1 26-Jan Course Overview / Syllabus / Text and Class overview     Mission Statement Worksheet
    Choose Your Path -- PT or GF or Both?      
  28-Jan Initial Client Evaluation; Risk Factor Identification NSCA 9 Health History Forms
    Healthy client or special population? GF 1 to 3 Case Study Worksheets
2 2-Feb FITT Principle / ACSM Guidelines -- application to PT and GF GF 1 Simply FITT Poster
    Warm Up -- Overview and presentation description GF 4 Warm Up Worksheet
  4-Feb Warm Up -- Practical Demonstration -- Group Presentations      
3 9-Feb Cardio Training -- Calculating and Monitoring HR; METS; Bioenergetics NSCA 16 HR Worksheet
  11-Feb CV and Respiratory Diseases -- limitations and modifications NSCA 20  
4 16-Feb Cardio Training Application -- GF applications; PT applications      
  18-Feb Exam 1 -- FITT Principle; ACSM Guidelines; Risk Factor Identification;      
    HR calculations; Warm Up Principles; Cardio Programming Guidelines      
5 23-Feb Exam 1 return and discussion       
    CV programming for final project      
    Overview of Group Ex Strength Training NSCA 14 Dress for movement on Thur
  25-Feb Group Exercise Strength Training Options GF 6  
    Elastic Resistance Practical     Getting the Most from Elastic Resistance
6 2-Mar Rep Reebok Group Strength Training -- Lecture/Demo GF 6 Rep Reebok
    Group Ex High Risk Exercise Discussion; alternatives and modifications GF  Page 61  
  4-Mar Older Adults / Pregnancy / Youth Fitness Guidelines NSCA 18  
7 9-Mar Flexibility Programming -- PT applications NSCA 12  
    Flexibility Programming -- GF applications GF 7  
  11-Mar Flexibility Practical     WRITTEN List one stretch for each major muscle group on the list provided
8 16-Mar Metabolic Disorders / Weight Management NSCA 19  
  18-Mar Finish Weight Management     Bring in a sample of music to move to on Tuesday
9 23-Mar GF Music and Cueing guidelines GF 3, 8  
  25-Mar Circuit and Interval Workouts      
    Exam Review (30 min)     Exam 2 Review Worksheet
10 3/30 and 4/1 Spring Break     Attend at least one group exercise class 
11 6-Apr Exam 2 -- Group Ex Muscle Conditioning; High Risk Exercise Modifications; Elastic Resistance Techniques; OA; Pre/Post Natal; Kids; Diabetes; Wt Mgmt; Flex programming; Circuit and Interval training formats      
  8-Apr Exam Review      
    Begin Orthopedic Injuries NSCA 21  
12 13-Apr Orthopedic Injuries -- shoulder, knee, hip      
  15-Apr Finish Orthopedic Injuries -- Low Back; Arthritis      Drawing for Group Exercise Demo component
13 20-Apr Low Back Exercises -- practical NSCA 22 Back Stabilization Handout
  22-Apr Spinal Cord and Nervous System Disorders      
    Internship Presentations      
14 27-Apr Business Management / Legal Issues NSCA Appendix A Job Search on web -- Occupational Outlook
          Income Worksheet
  29-Apr Exam 3 -- Orthopedic Injuries; Spinal Cord Injuries; Legal issues; Business management      
15 4-May Behavior Change / Adherence / Motivation NSCA 8 Stages of Change 
  6-May Group Exercise Demonstrations GF  Part 3  
16 11-May Case Study Presentations     Case Study Written Reports Due
  13-May Finish Case Study Presentations      
17 18-May Review for Final      
  20-May Final Exam      
18 27-May A Day in the Life Presentations      
    Real Life Clients and Training      
    Guest Speakers -- A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer