ES 196 -- Fitness Specialist Community Service Learning

This is the one unit course associated with the actual on-site internship. Students will work at a community fitness center as assigned by the course instructor. They will work with the on-site supervisor to schedule at least 60 internship hours over the course of 8 weeks.


Students will apply knowledge of basic anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology, personal information gathering, and exercise testing. The Community Service Learning component provides students the opportunity to explore options and careers in a selected area of study. The course will provide specific experiences in the field of personal training in a selected fitness facility.


The student and the on-site supervisor will work cooperatively to establish learning objectives for the intern. The following objectives should also be met:

  • Observation of other trainers performing and/or conducting consultations for a client that includes health history, fitness level evaluation, and contra-indicators for exercise programs.
  • Shadowing the trainers currently on staff at the facility as they train their clients. The intern will have a worksheet they will complete for the shadow sessions.
  • Apply knowledge of exercise physiology, kinesiology and anatomy in the development and implementation of exercise programming – either through discussion with site supervisor or actually training another trainer or an assigned client.
  • Examine teaching principles and strategies in order to discuss effective teaching techniques for personal training, small group training and group exercise (if applicable).
  • Examine and evaluate group exercise leadership (or small group personal training) as a career option in the fitness field.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to the organizational culture of the community site and progress through the levels of involvement:
    • Follow directions
    • Work cooperatively
    • Initiate and implement activities

Typical internship sites include:

  • YMCA's
  • 24 Hour Fitness Centers
  • The Jewish Community Center
  • Scripps Center for Integrated Health
  • Fitness Train Personal Training Company
  • Envisions Personal Training Studio
  • Fitness Quest 10
  • Shiley Sports and Fitness Center
  • MWR Fitness Centers -- military base fitness centers

ES 296 -- Fitness Specialist Internship Seminar

This component is the .5 unit course that meets on campus at Grossmont College one time per week.


This course is designed for the student in the Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Leader certification program. Students will discuss current issues in the fitness field, insurance, liability, standard business practices and national certifications. Emphasis is placed on client assessment, program design, teaching strategies and professional responsibility. 


The objectives associated with this component include:

  1. Recognize insurance, legal terminology, liability, and standard business practices.
  2. Demonstrate skills and knowledge necessary for employment.
  3. Develop a working resume to prepare for the job application process.
  4. Recognize intrinsic value of work ethic.
  5. Identify and comprehend national certification programs for personal trainers and group exercise leaders.
  6. Examine and evaluate group exercise leadership as a career option in the fitness field.


  • Syllabus
  • ES 296 Internship Seminar Lesson Plan -- Summer 2009