Open Computer Lab

The OCL provides enrolled students with computer and Internet access, as well as general technical support. 



Our lab is in the center of the campus, inside of the Tech Mall Building 70, the LTRC.



To serve the college's ever changing needs for student computer use. We welcome any registered student to use the lab for study.


Policies and Services

We offer Computer and Internet access to all enrolled students. The Adobe Creative Cloud, MS Office Suite, and SPSS are installed on all computers. The Open Computer Lab is not intended for tutoring, group work, or instruction; students are expected to work on their own except in designated spaces. Faculty seeking instruction space should contact Instructional Operations for other accommodations.


Click the links under Related Information to learn more about our policies of use and services offered.


Quick Facts

Current offerings include:

  • 84 Dell All-In-One PCs.
  • Most workstations have 3.1A USB and A/C charging available for your devices.
  • 1 cashless Wepa printer (capable of black and white or color - click here to learn more!).
  • ADA approved wheelchair accessible workstations at 8 computers.
  • Tutors & Tech Support available to provide general assistance to reasonable questions.

Please see the OCL - Services Page for more information.