Would you like to earn your degree or certificate without spending a penny on textbooks? 

Grossmont College offers Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) degree and certificate pathways! 

See the list below for ZTC degrees and certificate pathways. Check back often, as new ZTC pathways are being developed!


The student must complete the course options in their degree/certificate pathway, as well as the General Education (GE) Requirements (see Degree Requirements section in the catalog). Many GE courses are offered at Zero Textbook Cost.


List of GE AA/AS Degree Requirements offered ZTC

List of GE CSU Transfer Requirements offered ZTC

List of IGETC Requirements offered ZTC

Follow the link below to a list of ZTC courses in each degree/certificate pathway.


ART-AA Ceramics (local)

ART-AA Digital Art (local)
ART-AA Drawing and Painting (local)

ART-AA for Transfer Studio Arts
Dance-Certificate or AA
General Studies AA - Social and Behavioral Sciences
General Studies AA - Wellness and Self-Development
General Studies AS- Science and Quantitative Reasoning
General Studies AA- Humanities and Fine Art
Sociology-Associates of Art for Transfer

University Studies-Communication and Language Arts
University Studies-Math, NS or CS