Getting Involved

Want to learn more about ZTC, OER, and open education? There are lots of great resources online, as well as numerous groups working to promote more affordable education all across the world. If you'd like to get involved in promoting open education on your campus, check out:

  • The Open Textbook Alliance, a nationwide coalition of student government leaders who are working to bring open textbooks to college campuses.
  • The US Student PIRGs organization is another great resource for generating student interest in OER/ZTC on campus.
  • Consider following and participating in the #textbookbroke social media campaign to help raise awareness about the rising costs of textbooks.

Also, check out this video about speaking up for open education from the student perspective and share it with your friends:



Getting Involved at Grossmont College


Did you know from 2018-2019 Grossmont College had two OER interns who served on the OER/ZTC task force on campus? You can read more about their experiences promoting OER/ZTC here.

If you'd like to get involved at Grossmont, contact Lara Braff, co-coordinator of the Grossmont College OER/ZTC task force at:, and consider getting involved in student government on campus.

Video: Speak Up! for Open Education, by Abbey Elder, licensed CC BY 4.0.


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Last Updated: 01/06/2023