Finding ZTC Courses


In 2018, the State of California passed a bill requiring colleges to label any course that does not require fees for textbooks as ZTC. You may have already seen some of the classes in the Grossmont College class schedule labeled ZTC, or "zero textbook cost." When an instructor designates their class ZTC it means they have designed their class without using a traditional textbook as part of their syllabus.


What this means for you, the student, is that you will not be required to purchase a textbook for this class. However, there may be other fees for materials required for the course, such as lab supplies and test forms.


Now there's an easy way to find ZTC courses when searching the Grossmont class schedule. Check out this video to find out more:



Remember you will only see "Zero Textbook Cost" listed as an option under "Course Type" if there are any available ZTC courses being offered for the subject you're searching. If ZTC course sections are available, here's what you will see in the class schedule:


Class Schedule Screenshot


Be sure to select this option in order to narrow down your search results to only ZTC classes!