English Embedded Tutoring


Accelerated English Embedded Tutor Program


Mission Statement

The mission of the Grossmont College Accelerated English Embedded Tutor Program is to engage, retain, and empower writing students to persist in their educational and professional goals. Through an effective collaboration between instructor and tutor, and the utilization of the pedagogy and methodologies of acceleration, we aim to foster a supportive classroom environment that will challenge students to reach new heights in their learning.


Program Goals

  • To support reading and writing students in becoming better readers, writers and critical thinkers with the extra support of a trained classroom tutor
  • To inspire students through having a class tutor who also acts as a guide and model academic
  • To create a partnership between instructor and embedded tutor that increases productivity and depth of learning during group work, one-on-one tutoring and other class activities
  • To support the growth of tutors in their educational and professional goals and offer a rewarding experience that will allow them to build their interpersonal and leadership skills, develop their teaching philosophy through mentorship by a seasoned instructor, and expand their resume.

Apply to Be an Accelerated English Tutor!


Embedded tutors work inside and outside the English classroom to support students. Applications to be an embedded tutor are accepted all year round. 
You can review the job description and email applications to Professor Alan Traylor (alan.traylor@gcccd.edu). Please include a letter of interest that explains why you are interested in the position and the contact information for one professional/academic reference. Grossmont students who fit the minimum qualifications are encouraged to apply!



For Faculty and Administrators

Link to “2019-2020 Tutor Handbook” 

Link to “Faculty Guidance on Embedded Tutors

Link to past student survey data (Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018)