Embedded Tutors

Embedded tutoring is intended to:


1) Engage, retain, and empower students to persist in their educational and professional goals.


2) Foster a supportive classroom environment that will challenge students to reach new heights in their learning.


3) Support students through extra support from a trained classroom tutor.


4) Inspire students through having a class tutor who also acts as a guide and rolemodel.


5) Create a partnership between instructor and tutor that increases productivity and depth of learning during group work, one-on-one tutoring, and other class activities.


6) Support the growth of tutors in their educational and professional goals and offer a rewarding experience that will allow them to build their interpersonal and leadership skills and develop their teaching philosophy.


For questions about the embedded tutoring program, referring an embedded tutor, or applying to become an embedded tutor, you can email Niko Crumpton (niko.crumpton@gcccd.edu).


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