CalWORKs Team





          Veronica Romero, M.A.

          Associate Dean of Student Services & Special Programs 

          (EOPS/CARE/NextUp, CalWORKs, ARC)

Speaks: English and Spanish


My name is Veronica and I am the Associate Dean of Student Services and Special Programs. Although I began this position in 2023, I have been at Grossmont College for over 16 years as a classified staff member, supervisor, and counselor. I look forward to supporting the mission of our CalWORKs department and am excited for the great work ahead. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Spanish and a Master's in Counseling from the University of San Diego.

Gabrielle Gosselin













Gabrielle Gosselin
CalWORKs Program Coordinator/Counselor

Speaks: English, Italian and Kinyarwanda


I lead and counsel for the CalWORKs/New Horizons Department. I am grateful that I engage daily with a diverse department serving students who speak over 27 languages and transcend socioeconomic barriers.


I hold a Bachelor’s in Africana History, Master’s in Counseling, Multiculturalism/Cross-Cultural Education, and specialized training in trauma informed care, culturally responsive counseling, and inclusive and belonging pedagogy.






  Noora Alsaegh 

 CalWORKs Counselor

Speaks: English and Arabic


Noora Al Saegh is a CalWORKs counselor and outreach lead who brings 10 years of CalWORKs progressive experience and student services. Noora is so passionate to serve diverse students and support them with their path to success. Noora is a licensed Conflict Resolution Trainer and hold a certificate in Project Management (PMP). She holds Bachelor’s in English Literature and Art and Master’s of Science degree in Educational Counseling in Higher Education.









Michelle Rowe-Odom

CalWORKs Counselor 

Speaks: English and French


My name is Michelle!


I have worked at CalWORKs since 2016, and I feel very grateful to work with such remarkable human beings over the years. 


Before my career as a professional counselor in the community college setting, I attained 15+ years of experience teaching in the areas of early-childhood education, special education, K-12 education, parent-education, and social services, combined. In 2013, I earned my B.A. in Sociology and Ethnic Studies, and later earned my Masters of Arts in with a concentration in multicultural community counseling. This led to over seven years of lecturing within the Community-Based Block (CBB) program at San Diego State University serving post-graduate counselors-in-training.




Sandi Duraid













Sandi Duraid

CalWORKs Counselor and New Horizons

Speaks: English, Arabic, and Chaldean


My name is Sandi Duraid, and I love working with CalWORKs and New Horizons' student population. I have been with CalWORKs since 2019 as a counselor. I have a Master’s in Education with concentration in counseling from SDSU as well as a Bachelor’s in Psychology and minor in Counseling and Social Change. I am also certified in Trauma Informed Care. I have many years of experience in counsleing as well as teaching and with the county, county contractors, organizations, and school districts.  




Theron Page


Theron Page Jr. 

CalWORKs and New Horizon's Counselor

Speaks: English 


My name is Theron Page CalWORKs Adjunct Counselor. I majored in Sociology at UC Berkeley and obtained my Master’s in Higher Education Counseling from Point Loma Nazarene University. I have always had a passion working with students and CalWORKs has allowed me to do it.



Carrie Vang


Carrie Vang

CalWORKs Counselor

Speaks: English and Hmong


Hi! My name is Carrie and I've been with Grossmont College's CalWORKs Department since 2022. I am grateful to work with an amazing and passionate team to help our CalWORKs students in their educational journey. I have my Master's degree in Education Counseling from San Diego State University and my Bachelor's degree in Human Development, with a focus on Adult Development and Gerontology Concentration from CSU East Bay. I am also certified in Mental Health Recovery and Trauma-Informed Care. I look forward to meeting with you!

Alem Yemane


Alem Yemane

CalWORKs Counselor

Speaks: English


My name is Alembrhan, but I go by Alem. I was born and raised in San Diego, however, my family originates from Ethiopia. I have a passion for working with people who come from communities that are traditionally underserved, as I am one of those people. I have received my Bachelors of Arts from San Diego State University after studying Sociology and Africana Studies. I have also received my Masters of Science for Multicultural Community Counseling and Social Justice.  Through my personal experience and education, I value the power relationships have to support one’s growth and provide healing. Because of this, I love spending time with my family and friends as much as I can. I also love new experiences with new people; everyone’s story or experiences often provide an opportunity for me to learn more about others and myself. I am always happy if I can visit the beach and spend time with my fur baby, Skye. 

Jordan Nash Image


Jordan Nash

CalWORKs Counselor

Speaks: English


Hi everyone, my name is Jordan Nash and I'm a CalWORKs counselor. I'm a Mesa College and SDSU alumni, majoring in Communication Studies and earning my MA in Education - Counseling. I've been working in education for about 6 years and have had the pleasure of working with students from all types of backgrounds. Growing up in a single parent home helps me resonate with our students and I'm happy to be a helpful part of this process. of My passions are serving others, inspiring and enacting change, and speaking out on issues. I look forward to bringing all my experiences together and serving our students here in CalWORKs. 


I'm a San Diego native who enjoys going to concerts, exploring the city, and spending time with others. When I have down time I'm likely: listening to music, playing video games, doing home improvement projects being active, or traveling. 

            picture of Sahar


               Sahar Mohammadi

               CalWORKs Counselor

               Speaks: English and Farsi


Hello! My name is Sahar Mohammadi and I am an Adjunct Counselor here at CalWORKS. I am eager to meet with so many people from various backgrounds in hopes of learning more about the rich cultures here at Grossmont. I come from an Afghan refugee family myself, which has taught me to stay resilient during difficult times and to help others as they face theirs. I am here to not only support you, but to empower you during your academic journey. 


As a first-generation student, I look forward to helping others in achieving their educational goals and seeing them succeed. I have received my bachelor’s degree in History at California State University San Marcos and my master’s degree in Educational Counseling at San Diego State University. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that I have been given to be in this position that I am today. I am excited to build trusting relationships with both my peers and students so that we are all able to continue to flourish as a caring community. 


Photo of Gerardette



Gerardette Nutt

Program Specialist

Speaks: English



Photo of Bill


Bill Rapolla

Account Clerk Senior

Speaks: English



Photo of Finely


Rafael A. Cazzorla

Speaks: English and Spanish


I am a Projects Lead, Outreach Committee Member, and Cultural Committee member for the CalWORKs/New Horizons Department, and am constantly honored to work with such a creative and forward-thinking team. I come from a first-generation, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual background, and am always looking to bring different perspectives into my work. I speak English and Spanish with working knowledge of German and French, and keep conversational Arabic and Persian as a future goal.


I graduated from San Diego State University in History with minors in Arabic & Islamic Studies, Classics, and Journalism. I love to continue practicing a plurality of skills I have learned from being a K-7th grade English Teacher, working in immigrant & refugee services, language translations, and magazine editorial and copywriting positions with whatever new work project I tackle. Having worked in classrooms from California to Turkey, with copyediting and content creation experience for projects based in the USA, Mexico, Columbia, Portugal, and Iran, I bring various points of view into the already beautifully multi-cultural space that is CalWORKs/New Horizons. 


When away from my work computer, I love spending time in the sun and trying different food spots with good company, as well as writing poetry, listening to new music, and dancing.



Photo of Jose


Jose Dizon

Speaks: English



Photo of Joseph


Joseph Dizon

Speaks: English


My name is Joseph and I am a digital media organizer here at CalWORKs at Grossmont College. I majored in Cinema and Digital Media and Asian American Studies at UC Davis, obtaining my bachelor's degree. My previous work has been creating and showcasing stories of the underrepresented through different types of media projects in order to uplift and bring light to issues that not everyone is aware of.


At CalWORKs, I am able to hear more stories from a community that was not made aware of before in my life and is opening me up to new cultures and struggles that I have not experienced or heard of myself. Through this I am able to share these stories through a medium that everyone can digest and really know about the students they may not know about. Additionally, I assist with creating outreach material to be used in order to get the word out about our program and what we do. 


In my free time I like to read, play video games, and listen to podcasts.


Photo of Philip


Philip Phan

Speaks: English


Hello Everyone,

My name is Philip Phan (aka Mr. Phantastic, aka Dr. Phantom). I have recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in General Biological Sciences from University of California, San Diego. I am currently working on getting into Dentistry School where I would like to pursue a dental degree. I have experienced all three levels of California Colleges and the processes that go into registering and transferring between them. 

Within CalWORKs, I handle a variety of tasks for the program that include both front-desk work as well as work behind the scenes such as what you are seeing here in this very moment. With my wide knowledge as a transfer student and what I gained through CalWORKs, I am more than happy to assist with any problems for which you may have and hope to speak to you all soon. 

During my free time, I enjoy sleeping, traveling, watching anime, and trying out new food :D



Photo of Uhmbaya


Uhmbaya Laury

Speaks: English



Photo of Sudad


Sudad Abdulrazak

Speaks: English and Arabic




Marie Robinson

Marie Robinson

Speaks: English 


Bojin Haji

Bojin Haji

Speaks: English, Arabic, Farsi, and Kurdish


I am a senior front staff member and Peer Ambassador Lead for the CalWORKs/New Horizons.  In addition, I also have previous experience at the International Rescue Committee (IRC), where I functioned as a liaison between several departments. Refugee issues and rights, as well as politics, are huge passions of mine, with my biggest passion being helping students at CalWORKs! I am also the administrator and content creator of CalWORKs' multicultural Afghan/Kurdish/Persian Facebook group, "Sharing is Caring". Check us out!
 I am a Triton alumnus of the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Political Science - International Studies. Although I may have a degree, I will and always will remain to be a dedicated life-long learner. By being resourceful by adapting to numerous settings including immigrating to a new country, being a transfer student from Grossmont College to University of California, San Diego, etc. it has allowed me to remain open-minded to many different cultures from interacting with people of different cultures to adapting my learning style. I am always excited to meet new people in different cultures and having lived in several countries throughout my life, and subsequently have learned to speak five languages – Kurdish being my native, with Arabic, Persian, Turkish and English being learned later.

Nabeel Shano


Nabeel Shano

Speaks: English, Arabic, Chaldean


      Greetings all, my name is Nabeel Shano. I am proud being a husband, father, and a grandfather. I am a senior staff, and I have been working in the CalWORKs department as an ambassador since 2017.

          I was fortunate to be part of Grossmont College from the beginning, as the college provided me with the opportunity to work and study. As for my studies, I started back in Spring 2017 with the ESL classes. Then, I started with Business as a major, and I was able to obtain a degree in Business General. Also, I am on my way obtaining another degree in Arabic. In addition, by the end of the spring 2023 semester I will obtain a degree in Business Administration and transfer to university work on my bachelor’s degree (thinking of multiple degree choices in this regard.) I would like to extend gratitude and appreciation to all counselors in our CalWORKs office, and other departments, who helped me reaching this academic goal.

        Through my work at the CalWORKs department, I was able to achieve several goals at the same time including gaining income and as well as helping students with various aspects, especially newcomers to the United States. Through this the individuals’ sense of importance in his or her new society, and I feel warm from the looks of appreciation and respect from the students that I help. I believe that in helping others we create a healthy and perfect society. I had previously worked as a volunteer in a non-profit organization for four years, from 2016 to 2020. I stopped due to the spread of the pandemic.

        Within my personal hobbies and interests, I love to read a lot, especially about philosophy. My previous readings contributed to the development of communication and dialogue skills with others, which are necessary to achieve a common goal. I love building rapport with the student. I believe if the student does not trust the person to help him, that help will not be of any use.

     You can contact me directly if you need help.

Photo of Hamza


Hamsa Al Mashhadani

Speaks: English and Arabic


Sospeter Kamau

Sospeter Kamau

Speaks: English and Swahili



Ajmal Fazli


Ajmal Fazli
Speaks: English, Pashtu, Dari


Photo of Rajiha Abdulrahman


Rajiha Abdulrahmam

Speaks: English, Arabic, Kurdish


Photo of Ghalib Hamad


Ghalib Hamad

Speaks: English, Arabic


The CalWORKs Inreach Team works to promote the CalWORKs Program on campus by hosting fun and educational events.

The CalWORKs Outreach Team conducts events outside of campus to reach out to the San Diego community. If you're interested in having CalWORKs present at your event, call us at (619) 609-7430.




Noora Al Saegh

CalWORKs Counselor/Outreach Lead 




Rafael Cazzorla

Program/ Project Lead  and outreach member




Bojin haji

Student Worker and outreach member



The Cultural Committee gives a platform to cultural groups that are both a part of the CalWORKs/New Horizons Department and Grossmont College in order to better inform our counselors, department, and campus as a whole.