Student Success and Equity Committee Members Members


Victoria Christine Rodriguez, Dean, College Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
Janet Shipstead, Classified Professional


Christopher Yerkes, Institutional Effectiveness Specialist

Cindy Emerson, Administrative Assistant III/to the Sr. Dean of College Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Academic Senate Representatives

Karolia Macias
Ava Gill

Steve Davis


Administrators' Association Representatives
Heriberto Vasquez
Wayne Branker
Martha Clavelle
Associated Students of Grossmont College Representatives
Christian Thornton
Classified Senate Representatives
Michele Martens
Andrew Hellier
Ex-Officio Members

Courtney Willis, Dean, Student Success
Susana Munoz, Academic Transitional Support Coordinator
Gary Johnson, Chair, Counseling
Marshall Fulbright, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Marsha Gable,  Vice President of Student Services

Advisory Members

Aaron Starck, Dean of Admissions & Records and Financial Aid
Javier Ayala, Dean, Career Technical Education and Workforce Development

Joan Ahrens, Sr. Dean of College Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

vacant, Research and Planning Analyst

Proxy Members

Graylin Clavell, Classified Senate

Jessica Silva, Faculty Proxy