Communications from ACCJC to Grossmont College


This page contains all communications relating to accreditation status from the ACCJC and Site Visit Teams to Grossmont College for the past two cycles. In each six-year cycle, these include:


  • Response letters from the ACCJC, called Commission Action Letters, that communicate the Commissions's decisions based on review of the ISER, Mid-Term Report, and any Follow-Up and/or Progress Reports.
  • Reports from the Site Visit Team are presented to the college and the Commission after the Comprehensive Review and any Follow-Up and/or Progress Report visits.
  • If Substantive Change Proposals have been submitted, the ACCJC also responds with an approval (or denial) letter.

Please refer to the Reports to the ACCJC page for the reports that Grossmont College submitted to the ACCJC. 



Accreditation Review Cycle 2019-2026

In 2019/20, Grossmont College underwent a review of its accreditation and was fully reaffirmed by ACCJC.

To review additional principle documents associated with this process visit our Grossmont College Accreditation page. 


Accreditation Review Cycle 2013-2019


Accreditation Review Cycle 2007-2013


 All relevant communications from visiting teams and the ACCJC are posted on this page. [Standard I.C.1., Standard I.C.12., Standard I.C.13., ER20, ER21]