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Short-Term Classes

Fall 2022 - Accelerated Class Schedule



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How it works



What a short-term class is


checkmark icon Shorter than the traditional 16-week semester length classes
checkmark icon Short-term classes are accelerated and can be completed in as little as four, six, or eight weeks
checkmark icon Class start dates begin several times per semester
checkmark icon Most courses are instructor led and have assignments with deadlines



What a short-term class is NOT


checkmark icon A mini version of a full-semester length class
checkmark icon Self-paced




checkmark icon F2F or in-person:  Classes are taught on campus
checkmark icon Online:  Classes are taught 100% online via Canvas  
checkmark icon Hybrid:  Classes meet on-campus but have an online component
checkmark icon HyFlex:  Your choice of being on campus or online during a particular class.
checkmark icon Synchronous:  All students must log in at the same time for a synchronous, online class
checkmark icon Asynchronous: Online classes in which students can log and complete assignments when they wish




checkmark icon Fast.  Affordable.  Flexible.
checkmark icon Graduate sooner
checkmark icon Offers flexibility for students juggling family, work, and school
checkmark icon Flexible meeting options, F2F, Online, Hybrid, HyFlex

Grossmont College’s short-term, accelerated, classes allow students to fast-track their educational goals by offering classes that start several times per semester.


With so many students juggling work, school, family and life, accelerated course offerings with a variety of delivery options may be a smart fit for hectic schedules. 


Tips for Success


Tips for Success


checkmark icon Check start and stop dates
checkmark icon

Understand the course requirements outlined in the syllabus

checkmark icon

Mark your calendar with assignment due dates

checkmark icon

Create a study plan with dedicated study blocks

checkmark icon

Break down tasks

checkmark icon

Take breaks

checkmark icon

Stay Engaged.  Utilize the discussion board and other tools in Canvas to communicate with your instructor and other students

checkmark icon

Familiarize yourself with campus resources such as tutoring, success coaches before you need them 

checkmark icon Connect with others.  Don't wait to seek help from your instructor and use the free campus resources available to you
checkmark icon Ensure your contact information is always updated with the college
checkmark icon Eliminate distractions such as social media
checkmark icon Stay healthy

What students are saying


What students are saying


"I wanted to receive my credits faster."

"I am really enjoying this short-term course because I can study at my own pace and the professor has excellent communication with us. I am learning faster and quicker. I wish all subjects would be short-term courses."


"Keep on making short term courses!"



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November 19
1 - Day

Nov 19 - Nov 19


Course Section Title Modality Info
COUN-095 8715 Academic & Financial Aid Planning Online
Pass/No Pass
Not transferable





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