Add Authorization Process


  • Log into Web-Advisor and choose the faculty tab

WebAdvisor login for faculty

  •  Click on Add Authorization Codes

 WebAdvisor Faculty Menu


  • Click on Faculty tab
    Self-Service faculty button
  • Choose a section
    self-service choosing which section to add
  • Click the Permissions tab

 Self-Service Faculty Menu selecting section

  • Click the Add Authorization button
    selecting add authorization in self-service
  • Enter in the student ID, highlight the student and press enter

 Adding the student ID for authorization to add


  • You will then be asked if you want to grant an add authorization for the student. Choose ok.

 granting permission by adding student to section

  • Add authorization has now been add to the student’s record and they may go and register for the section.

 Confirmation that authorization has been approved


  • You may revoke the student add authorization by choosing Revoke.

 revoking permission for student to add the section on self-service