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The Foreign Language Department of Grossmont College is one of the largest foreign language programs of all the San Diego area community colleges and offers a wide variety of classes.

Each level from beginning to advanced offers the student language instruction through reading, composition, cultural immersion, literature and conversation. Most courses satisfy Grossmont College and California State University General Education requirements and are fully transferable to UC, CSU and other four-year institutions.


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Why Study World Languages?


Academics: Almost all four-year universities require at least two or three sequential semesters of a single world language in order to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree.


Culture: Proficiency in world languages opens doors to meaningful and enriching contacts with other peoples and their cultures by expanding our knowledge and appreciation for the fascinating arts, foods, music, traditions, history and diversity of our global community.


In an interdependent world, proficiency in a world language for at least the more educated person becomes necessary. Languages are studied for very practical reasons; they are tools required for many positions in private enterprise, science, social work, the military, teaching, and a host of job categories within the governmental services. The growing concern for competence in world languages is reflected by the recent development of student and teacher exchange programs, summer study and travel programs, special Peace Corps language programs, National Defense Education Language Institutes, and language centers operated by the Armed Forces.


At Grossmont College, world languages is presented as a major for the specialist, as a required introduction for the transfer student, and a source of personal development for the student seeking general education.


Language learning is presented in the sequence of hearing, speaking, reading and writing, yet never losing sight of the cultural aspects. While developing oral skills, the student gains background in reading and writing and related cultural aspects adequate to successfully continue his/her language studies elsewhere and to apply his/her language skills in practical situations.


Career Opportunities

Translating/Interpreting, Foreign Correspondent


Foreign Service, Military Careers, Politics

International Business
Import/Export Trade, Banking, Publishing, Law

Language Instruction
Foreign Language Teacher, Bilingual Education

Science and Technology
Computer Technology, Aerospace Industry, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Medical
Research, Environmental Studies

Tourism and Travel
Airlines, Cruise ships, Hotels, Tour Guide, Restaurants